Geography Book

GEOGRAPHY BOOK ONLINE INFORMATION: Exploring Our World, People, Places and Cultures


You can now access your entire Geography book online by following these steps.


1.  Log onto the following web site


2.  Under the Online Learning Center  Choose - Wisconsin

                                                              Choose - Student/Parent

                                                              Choose - Social Studies for the Subject

  Hit Enter


3.  Under Middle School Choose the 3rd Option - World Geography and Cultures


4.  From the new choices that appear choose Exploring Our World, People, Places and

                        Cultures 2010

5.  Click on Studentworks Plus Online (Under the Textbook Resources)


6.  On the Left hand side click on Studentworks Plus Online


7.  Click on the Underlined Studentsworks Plus Online


8.  Under Access Code enter E1FAF12913 and hit enter.