The 8th Grade Comma King & Queen Have Been Crowned

Post date: Jan 9, 2015 2:18:34 PM

The 8th grade students have officially mastered the concepts for the uses of commas! To celebrate, 8th grade students were crowned “Comma King” and “Comma Queen,” and they were awarded their edible “Comma Cookie” trophy and walked around, in costume, as royalty for a day! This year’s comma royalty were Preston E. and Alyssa B...Alyssa was the top achiever, earning 200 points for practicing comma rules with 40+ people!

In order to be crowned King & Queen, the students had to wear a comma necklace for one week, and collect signatures from teachers and other staff or adults. To collect a signature, they had to explain all of the uses of a comma. It got competitive, and in the end we had several students competing with close to 200 points, but no one quite topped Alyssa! Way to go 8th graders on all of your effort, and thank you to all of the staff and other supporters who took the time to listen to the rules and sign the students’ necklaces! You’ve all played a part in helping motivate our youth to understand how to correctly use commas.