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2021-22 Safe Return to In-Person & Continuity of Service & ESSER III LEA Plan Report

2022-23 Draft Safe Return to In-Person & Continuity of Service Plan


Congratulations 5th Grade DARE Graduates!

Congrats to Our NHD Participants

Last week all our 8th Grade students participated in National History Day. Their projects were presented and judged. Congratulations to the following 8th grade students who qualified for Regionals for NHD - Tucker B. and Harper B. Individual Documentaries; Connor B. and Jayden F. Individual Exhibits; Audri S. Paper; John H. and Jack R. Group Website; Presley C., Hannah S., Zoe B. and Matt S. Individual Website.

Here are some pictures from National History Day (more to come).

Open Enrollment Window is Opening


2022-23 School Supply Lists

Riverview - School Supply List.pdf

COVID Dashboard

This Week's TOPS Recipients

Throughout the week, students in grades K-4 earn TOPS (Totally Outstanding Positive Student) tickets for demonstrating that they can be a safe, responsible, and respectful member of our school community. On Fridays, those tickets are drawn for a prize winner in each grade level. Here are our winners from this past week.

Hard Restart Instructions for Chromebooks to Connect to Home WiFi

Dear Riverview Families,

There is a chance that at some point this year your child will may need to quarantine at home and will need to use their school Chromebook.  You will need to connect it to your WiFi Network at home.  Sometimes our Chromebooks don't like to leave the comforts of our school and may give you some push back when trying to connect to WiFi.  Here are the steps and a video to help you through this process.  

Email me with any questions at jstrasser@silverlakejt1.k12.wi.us.

Stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful fall!!

Mrs. Strasser

Hard Restart on a Chromebook:

You will need to complete a hard restart on the device to connect it to your Wifi.  You will have to complete the hard restart EXACTLY correct or it will NOT WORK!!

  1. Hold power button down for a FULL LONG 20 seconds - counting 1 "one thousand", 2 "one thousand", etc., to 20 "thousand" (IMPORTANT!!! Do not let go once it turns off - holding it down is what resets it)

  2. Let go after initial 20 seconds and wait 10 seconds - again counting 1 "one thousand", 2 "one thousand", etc., to 10

  3. Turn back on


  5. Go to the bottom right corner where the WiFi symbol is located

  6. Click on the WiFi Symbol (a box will open)

  7. Click on the tiny arrow next to the WiFi symbol and find your Network

  8. Connect as you would on any device

  9. Have student login 

Here is a VIDEO should you have any questions.

Request for Proposals

Please click HERE to review the request for proposal for food service management company.