Welcome to AMERICA!!

Post date: Oct 1, 2013 4:26:48 AM

Last Friday, ships docked into "Port Riverview" and brought with them immigrants from all over the world. Immigration Day, a long standing tradition here at Riverview, teaches the 7th grade students all about the process in which all of those "Coming to America" had to go through. From medical exams and lice checks, to their citizen test, students experienced it all. They also had to learn about the country that they were representing. We also had some help from Riverview Alumni (and Wilmot foreign language students) who put our students through a simulation on how difficult it would be for the immigrants not being able to communicate with American's once they landed on Ellis Island. The High School students asked them a battery of question in the language that they are studying at the high school and the 7th grade students had to try to understand what they were asking. It was enlightening for the students and entertaining for those watching. Of course no event is complete without a meal. Wonderful dishes were prepared by 7th graders families representing foods from their heritage. From Italian soup to Greek salad and many sweet desserts, a fine schmorgesborg was put out for the students to sample and enjoy.