Thank You to Our Drama Club for Being SO SWEET!

Post date: Mar 21, 2014 5:25:52 PM

Last Friday, March 14th, Riverview’s 7th & 8th Grade Drama Club students put on two awesome performances of Charlie & the Chocloate Factory! This was one of the best performances in the past six years, and it was a true product of what comes of dedication, creativity, and ambition! Thank you to all of the hard work that you put in, students!

8th graders - thank you for being such great role models for the 7th graders and for all of the school to see--you will be GREATLY missed next year!

Special thanks go out to:

* Mr. Gendron and Mrs. Zackery for their continued support for the drama program and all things good for kids.

* Mrs. Green for all of her work on props and backdrops. She has been invaluable to the drama program.

* Mr. Walker for being the reason we have an awesome sound system! He has taken his personal time to order and set-up the equipment, fix things when needed, and we appreciate his time and dedication very much.

*PTO for all of their help with the Fab 5, which helps to fund the Drama Program.

*Mr. Schmalfeldt for hanging the letters for the backdrop & Mrs. Gendron for taking them down.

* Mrs. Strasser for putting together the graphic for our play advertisement.

* Mr. Arendt, Mr. N. Schick, Mr. R. Schick, and Mr. Schmalfeldt for setting up and taking down all of the chairs, and helping us move things, etc. to prepare for the set-up and take-down of the play!

* Mr. Daniels and Mrs. Ours for sharing the gymnasium.

* Ms. Petruska for creating the programs.

* Wendy Buchman for all of her support and ideas for backstage.

* All of the parents and families of the drama students for encouraging them, supporting them, practicing with them, and driving them to and from rehearsals.

* YOU, for attending our play, encouraging the students, and supporting the drama program.

*Students who helped with art, but were not in the drama club: Holly Beeter, Lauren Erlandson, Teagan Holland, Morgan Korus-Stone, & Carson Santos

Others who have supported the drama program behind the scenes this year: The Adamecz Family, Ms. Cisler, Mr. Dvorak, Mrs. Fornero, Mrs. Gendron, The Harper-Schiehl Family, Mrs. Lindh, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Jorgensen, Mr. McBurney, Mrs. Mary McBurney, Mrs. Moldenhauer, Mrs. Ours, Mrs. Paulson, Mr. Rovik, The Schilz Family, Mr. Shumway, The Walker Family,