Traffic Flow Map

Post date: Jul 22, 2015 3:33:22 PM

Dear Riverview Families

As we reach the midpoint of our summer, I wanted to share some information on changes upcoming with morning pick up and drop off at Riverview School.

Following is some information relating to parking and traffic circulation updates occurring at Riverview School for the 2015-16 school year. Our construction projects, both the interior building and the exterior property, are on schedule as we prepare for the start of school on September 1st.

Student safety was the primary focus as we looked at revamping our traffic patterns and parking areas. We sought to separate bus traffic away from the areas where parents pick up and drop off students. We also sought to provide improved walkways on the school property for our students that walk to school.

Our primary parent pick up and drop off area will be on the north side of Prosser Street adjacent to the school building. Three (3) other areas may also be used for drop off purposes and are noted below.

The staff parking lot on the north side of the school will have one entrance/exit area on School Street in the southeast corner of the parking lot. A sidewalk will extend from the north down School Street for walkers down to the entrance/exit of the parking lot. The entrance/exit to the staff parking lot will be staffed before and after school with a crossing guard.

Buses will drop off and pick up students in the bus lane within the staff parking lot which is accessible from School Street. All buses will now enter the staff parking lot via Prosser Street and head north on School Street to the site.

Please see the traffic circulation map for details. Additional information on our new traffic patterns will be available on the school website in the next few days and will also be sent home to district families.

The following is a summary of the overall traffic circulation patterns proposed on site and on the surrounding public roadways (for informational purposes only):

    • All school buses will drop-off and pick-up students in the Staff Parking Lot (am and pm). A bus drop off lane will be created on the west end of the staff parking area to facilitate drop off and pick up.
    • The Staff Parking Lot off of School Street will have a “Staff Parking Only 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM” sign posted.
      • This parking lot will be available to the general public during non-school hour events.
    • There will be four (4) areas for parents to drop-off and pick-up students.
      • The primary location will be from the Visitor Parking Lot and along Prosser Street.
        • The entrance to the Visitor Parking Lot has one lane for student drop-off / pick-up and one lane for thru traffic looking to park or turn around.
        • A proposed sign will show the lane designation.
      • The parking lane on the north side of Prosser Street will be used for stacking of vehicles.
        • Signs will be in place instructing parents to pull forward and remain in the vehicle.
        • This area will remain posted with “No Parking or Standing 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM when School is in Session”.
        • This area will be available for parking during non-school hours.
        • Parents can drop-off students on N 2nd Street which already has a dedicated parking lane and cross Prosser Street (via the Crossing Guard) at the cross-walk.
        • Parents can drop-off students on Evergreen Avenue and cross School Street (via the Crossing Guard) at the cross-walk.
        • Parents for pre-school students will continue to park on School Street between Evergreen Avenue and Prosser Street.

The following is a summary of the proposed street sign modifications within the public right-of-ways:

    • The West side of School Street will be signed with “No Parking Any Time” from a point 80’ south of the Staff Parking Lot entrance to the School’s northerly property line.
      • This area will be reserved for emergency vehicle parking and access.
    • The parking restriction (signage) on the North side of Prosser Street from School Street to the west end of the Visitor Parking Lot will be replaced.
      • This area will be signed “No Parking or Standing 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM or When School is in Session”.
    • The area between the east and west (entrance & exit) of the Visitor Parking Lot (on Prosser Street) will be signed with “No Parking Between Drives” when school is in session.
    • The parking restriction signs on the South side of Prosser Street, East of N. 2nd Street, will remain “as is”.
    • A 6” wide solid white “channelization lane” will be painted on Prosser Street from School Street west to the sidewalk leading to the main office.
      • This channelization lane will help to define the restricted area for the am drop-off zone.

Please feel free to contact our school office at 262-889-4384 if you have any questions. We are excited and can’t wait to share the new changes coming to Riverview, both inside and out of our school!


Jon S. Schleusner

District Administrator