Meet Riverview's 2016 Young Authors Award Recipients

Post date: Jun 1, 2016 1:26:47 PM

Every year Riverview School students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade submit stories, poems, and illustrations to be entered for judging in our Young Authors Program. These works are then judged by grade level teachers and the winners receive medals for 2nd and 3rd place and trophies for 1st place.

These students have worked very hard to submit some great works for this program and should be very proud of their accomplishments.

Fictional Stories 1st Place Winners

Fictional Stories 2nd Place Winners

Fictional Stories 3rd Place Winners

Madelyn Devore

Erika Osterman

Harper Behling

Sean Moran

Isaac Blount

Grace Rasch

Kiley Kennedy

Faith Price

Karenna Schick

Non-Fiction 1st Place Winners

Mason Cummings

Areti Stamayannos

Maddie Cooper

Olivia Weichert

Hunter Baird

Keira Janus

Riley Leahy

Natalie Kessel

Natalie Dalton

Trista Fiegel

Sydney Wagner

Non-Fiction 2nd Place Winners

Savana Andershock

Jaylee Torgerson

Nora Wojtkiewicz

Christina Winscom

Kadyn Holmes

Skylor Gerber

Austin Brey

Owen Rosengarden

Mason Cummings

Britnee Paglini

Non-Fiction 3rd Place Winners

Poetry 1st Place Winners

Poetry 2nd Place Winners

Poetry 3rd Place Winners

Aija Zelenko

Destiny Gooch

Emily Runge

Natalie Kessel

Kiley Kennedy

Sydney Wagner

Gracie Price

Avery Holt

Ben Randolph

Amber Blount

Kaitlyn Keller

Alexis Peterson

Kaylee Forsythe

Tucker Bush

Mikayla McCaffrey

Jenna Randle

Grace Rasch

Delaney Snow

Maisy Morgan

Illustrations 1st Place Winners

Illustrations 2nd Place Winners

Illustrations 3rd Place Winners

Nora Wojtkiewicz

Bailey Griffin

Linley Cooper

Delia Myers

Alexsandra Lamb

Sami Brooks

Faith Price

Emma Owen

Areti Stamayannos

Kohen Lindquist

Penelope Zubor

Rachel Geronimi

Lorelai Glassman

Kiley Kennedy

Brianna Foster

Linda Geronimi

Kylie Dorr

Elle Drissel

Audrey VanHeirseele

Arabella Smits

Lindsey Cochran

Amber Blount

MacKenzie Belletini

Emma Rasmussen

Jocelyn VanHeirseele