Fab 5 Was FANTASTIC!!!

Post date: Feb 6, 2016 4:11:40 PM

Our Annual Fab 5 event took place on Friday, February 5th. This event was created to build camaraderie among students at different grade levels and teach students how to work together as a team. Teams are comprised of 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. These students compete in an American Idol event, Scrabble tournament, Math 24 tournament, Pictionary tournament, and 5 on 5 basketball tournament. The final event is a 10 station obstacle course. Students are assigned points in each category and then the cumulative score determines where the teams place. Each team is coached by a staff member and run by volunteers from the school, PTO, community and alumni.

This year, the pink and green teams tied for first place and the blue team took second. A special, new traveling SPIRIT trophy was added into the awards. Congratulations to the RED team for taking home the traveling trophy! Great job was done by all.

Below are some highlights from the evening.