Fab 5 Recap

Post date: Feb 12, 2014 2:54:36 PM

Riverview School’s 6th Annual Fab 5 Event was a Success!

More than 122 5-8th Grade Students & More than 25 Staff Members Participated!!!!

Riverview's 6th annual Fab 5 Event was perhaps one of the most memorable yet! Congrats to all of the students who participated, and a very special THANK YOU to ALL of the staff who volunteered! This event is possible because of your commitment to kids!

Click here to view 2nd place American Idol winners, Ashlyn B. & Anna W. playing “CUPS”!


Now for the results:

In the individual events:

Taking 3rd place in basketball: Mason M., Jaden Z. , & Kevin K.!

Taking 2nd: Michael W., Zack C., & Alex W.,

and taking 1st place in basketball: Quintin G., Zach S., & Kyle G.!

Taking 3rd place in American Idol : Mckenna P.

Taking 2nd: duet Ashlyn B. & Anna W.

and taking 1st place in American Idol the three girls singing acapella: Genna M., Hayley H. & Courtney B.

Taking 3rd place in Math 24: Kaleb G.

Taking 2nd: Sydney W.

and taking 1st place in Math 24: Ernesto C.

Taking 3rd place in Scrabble: Ethan D.

Taking 2nd: Drew C.

and taking 1st place in Scrabble: Josh M.

Taking 3rd place in Pictionary: Amanda E., Sean A., & Wyatt O.

Taking 2nd: Julia Hickey, Cassy W., & Noelle R.

and taking 1st place in Pictionary: Ella H-S, Maisy M., & Molly J.

The top three Fab 5 TEAMS were as follows:

The third place team was: Mr. Krause's Team - awesome efforts!

The 2nd place team was: Mrs. Coates' Team - such a close competition - great job!

...and in first place was Ms. Pertruska's team! This team was made up of:

A very special thank you goes out to Ms. Petruska and her team- this team did something that was a first for Fab 5...the entire team donated back each of their $10 Target gift cards, totaling $120 for Drama Club, towards props and costumes for this year's play! Thank you so much for that very generous contributions - you all should feel very proud of your act of kindness!

As always - a very special thank you to our sponsors:

Silver Sales LLC.com

DK’s Treeworks

Accent Roofing LLC

ACME Office Equipment

Advanced Chiropractic

American Homes Realty WI - Katie Shumway

A.T.E. - Auto Truck Equipment Repair

CVD - Clearview Design Inc.

Helical Pier Solutions

BMO Bank - Paddock Lake

Community State Bank - Paddock Lake

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Susan Kube, Realtor - Baird & Warner

Thomas A. Briscoe, PC - Attorney & Counselor at Law

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The Strasser Family

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