Candy Grams are SO SWEET! Don't Forget to Order Yours TODAY!

Post date: Jan 30, 2015 12:33:34 AM

Student Council Valentine's Day Candy Gram Sale

The Riverview Student Council will be selling Valentine's Day candy from Monday Feb. 2nd through Wednesday Feb. 11th. The students can purchase their orders for themselves, other students, etc. outside the lunchroom during their lunch hour, or they can drop them off in the "Candy Gram" container, in the office. The candy orders will be delivered on Friday, February 13th.

This year's candy will include:

$1.00 Valentine Cake Pops (like we had at Halloween)

$0.50 Sour Lip Sucker

$0.50 M&M's

$0.25 Valentine's Fun Dip

$0.25 SweeTarts Hearts

$0.25 Airheads

$0.25 Airheads Pops (2)

$0.25 Hershey Kisses (2)

Order form is attached to the email. Please complete order form and cut out the slips for each piece of candy being bought. It is very important that each item being purchased is circled, and that who the candy is for (FIRST AND LAST NAME), the homeroom, and who the candy is from are clearly written on the slip.

You may send cash with your child/children or make checks payable to Riverview Student Council. Additional candy order sheets can be picked up outside the lunchroom during lunch, in the office or the school website. Please note: If we run out of a certain candy, we will replace with a different kind but for the same value. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Foley or Mrs. Jenkins.

Thank you for supporting Student Council!!!