Are You Ready to RED OUT??

Post date: Jan 28, 2013 2:57:58 PM

As you might remember a popular fundraiser is the Jump Rope for Heart, sponsored by the American Heart Association. Well, we are doing the same concept this year but instead it's called: Red Out! Students sell t-shirts for $10 a piece to raise money for the American Heart Association.

The goal is to get as many students and teachers wear their red shirts on Thursday, Feb. 14th and RED OUT the school that day. If students misplaced their order form Mrs. Ours and I have extra. The $10 is a tax deductible donation and you get a t-shirt out of it.

Then my ultimate goal is on Feb. 14th, have all the teachers and the top 30 fundraising students battle each in a dodge ball game starting at 2:50 and lasting until the end of the day. The students are pretty pumped up about playing teachers in dodgeball so let's start sell those RED t-shirts and raising money for the American Heart Association!!.

Any questions please contact Mr. Daniels. Let's get ready to RED OUT RIVERVIEW ON FEB 14TH!