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Congratulations to All Our Young Authors Winners

posted May 23, 2013, 2:51 PM by Julie Strasser   [ updated May 24, 2013, 9:00 AM ]
Congratulations to the 2013 Young Author Winners!

Kindergarten Illustration Winners

5th Place:  Mario Princess ~ Keira J.

4th Place: Spring ~ Ryan A.

3rd Place:  It’s Spring Time ~ Meredith S.

2nd Place: Hawaii Trip ~ Nia B.

1st Place:  Rollercoaster Land ~ Dylan A.


Kindergarten Story Winners

5th Place:  Going Swimming ~ Arabella S.

4th Place:  When my Grandpa Died ~ Reilly C.

3rd Place:  Rollercoaster Land ~ Dylan A.

2nd Place: Dinosaurs ~ Aaryn B. 

1st Place:  My Cat Going Psycho ~ Meredith S.


First Grade Illustration Winners

5th Place:  Dress Up ~ Brianna L.

4th Place:  The Black Wizard ~ Joel S.

3rd Place:  My Baby Dolphin ~ Delaney C.

2nd Place:  Two Owls Who Were Wizards ~ Riley L.

1st Place:  The Evil Dragon and the Zebras ~ Emily R.


First Grade Story Winners

5th Place:  Space Kitty’s Adventure ~ Isaac B.

4th Place:  The Naughty Boy ~ Jordan M.

3rd Place:  The Evil Witch Who Put a Spell on the Zoo ~ Jessica B.

2nd Place:  The Time the Three Whales Got Lost ~ Skylar G.

1st Place:  Learning to Swing ~ Jenna R.


Second Grade Illustration Winners

5th Place:  Mouse and the Mansion ~ Natalie K.

4th Place:  The Magic House ~ Melina J.

3rd Place:  Battle on Mars ~ William H.

2nd Place:  Getting Ice Cream with a New Friend ~ Austin B.

1st Place:  The Magic Shoe ~ Julia R.

Second Grade Story Winners

5th Place:  The Frog and the Alligator ~ Kyle M.

4th Place:  The Magic Shoe ~ Julia R.  

3rd Place:  Mouse and the Mansion ~ Natalie K.

2nd Place:  The Princess and her Dress ~ Allie A.

1st Place:  Bob’s New Home ~ Devon H.


Third Grade Illustration Winners

5th Place:  Playing Outside ~ Neysa T. 

4th Place:  Panthers ~ Ashton L.

3rd Place:  Fun with Dogs ~ Ashley H.

2nd Place:  The Farm ~ Ben F.

1st Place:  Me and My Dog ~ Natalie D.


Third Grade Poetry Winners

5th Place:  Poetry Collection by Trey ~ Trey M.

4th Place:  What Spring Looks Like to Me ~ Tyee S.

3rd Place:  McKenna ~ McKenna C.

2nd Place:  Poetry by Nicole ~ Nicole G.  

1st Place:  Natalie ~ Natalie D. 


Third Grade Story Winners

5th Place:   Why Beavers Don’t Go Fishing ~ Brady S.

4th Place:  The World of Candy ~ Angelina O.

3rd Place:  Stormy ~ Abbey G.  

2nd Place:  The Perfect Gift ~ Natalie D.

1st Place:  Day of the Dragons ~ Kiley K.


Fourth Grade Poetry Winners

5th Place:  Moon/Sun ~ Jennalyn W.

4th Place:  Skyscrapers/ Houses ~ Aiden G. 

3rd Place:  Packers/Bears ~ Troy C. 

2nd Place:  Tennis Shoes/ High-Heels ~ Jared C.

1st Place: Dog/Cat ~ Richie B.


Fourth Grade Story Winners

5th Place:  My Pride and Joy ~ Alyssa M.

4th Place:  No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed ~ Samantha D.

3rd Place:  Something to Remember ~ McKenna P.

2nd Place:  Becoming “Big Sister” ~ Veda G.

1stPlace:  Whisked to Wisconsin ~ Katie S.


Fifth Grade Illustration Winners

5th Place:  Hot Dog ~ Noah H.

4th Place:  Magic Pencil ~ Molly J.

3rd Place:  Daisy ~ Maisy M.

2nd Place:  Carlo’s Bake Shop ~ Joe B.

1st Place:  Sea Monster Scare ~ Emma R.


Fifth Grade Poetry Winners

5th Place:   Potato Chip ~ Geneva S.

4th Place:  Life and Death ~ Robbi P.

3rd Place:  King George the Third ~ Courtney B.

2nd Place:  The Magic Pencil ~ Molly J   

1st Place:  I’m A Soldier ~ Jake M.


Fifth Grade Story Winners

5th Place:  Magic Mirror ~ Brody F.

4th Place:  Stopping the Oil Men ~ Emma R. 

3rd Place:  Fifth Grade ~ Genevieve M.

2nd Place:   The Magic Pencil ~ Molly J. 

1st Place:  Sleepy Legs ~ Karenna S.


Sixth Grade Illustration Winners

5th Place:  A Night in the City ~ Kiya T. 

4th Place:  Paris ~ Marley P.

3rd Place:  Summer Vacation ~ Anthony W.

2nd Place:  Floating Around ~ Haley L.

1st Place:  Heart of Rose ~ Riley A. 


Sixth Grade Poetry Winners

5th Place:   Felix Baumgartner ~ Kolby M.

4th Place:  The Future ~ Cole C.

3rd Place:  We Need World Peace ~ Kylie O.

2nd Place:  The Flower Girl ~ Bryanna B.

1st Place:  Permanent Marker ~ Emma W.


Sixth Grade Story Winners

5th Place:  The Cabin in the Woods ~ Sam B.

4th Place:  Halloween Spells DISASTER ~ Sarah H.

3rd Place:  Never Go into the Basement ~ Kylie O.

2nd Place:  They’re Watching ~ Emma W.

1st Place:  The Horrific Descent of Pearl Harbor ~ Bryanna B.


Seventh Grade Illustration Winners

1st Place:  Dishonored ~ Carson K. 


Seventh Grade Poetry Winners

5th Place:  My Mom’s OCD ~ Kyler M.

4th Place:  Cracking ~ Kyle G.

3rd Place:   Perfect ~ Quintin G.

2nd Place:  Everyone Needs a Break ~ Augie H.

1st Place:  Maggie ~ Ashlyn B.


Seventh Grade Story Winners

5th Place:  On Our Own ~ Maggie M.

4th Place:   Into the Snow ~ Teagan H.

3rd Place:  Sinister - Bound to Dremora ~ Amanda E.

2nd Place:   What No One Else Will ~ Brenna S.

1st Place:   The Final Shot ~  Ethan D.


Eighth Grade Illustration Winners

3rd Place:  Awkward Moment ~ Anna L.

2nd Place:  Tragedy ~ Gorden E.

1st Place:  Kaito ~ Kier C.


Eighth Grade Poetry Winners

5th Place:  Lions ~ Ian P.

4th Place:  Crane ~ James J.

3rd Place:  Water ~ Anna L. 

2nd Place:  Swan ~Taylor S.

1st Place:  Lily ~ Katie W.


Eighth Grade Story Winners

5th Place:  Moonlight ~ CJ Sellers

4th Place: Green Grass and Heartache ~ Becca B.

3rd Place:  Mona ~ Alexia I.

2nd Place:  The Greatest Show on Earth ~ Brittany V.

1st Place:  What Goes Around, Comes Around ~ Nathan D.